Espresso To Go by Treena Seymour

Its Sunday and that means sleeping in, taking a stroll to the local cafe for brunch and a coffee. My local cafe was rustic with bare brick walls and warm tones throughout. The smell of freshly brewed coffee was just too irresistible, the sound of cups clinking and background chatter. My paintings in this series are a tribute to a much loved memory.
One in a series of three depicting life in an urban environment sharing coffee at the corner Cafe.
Acrylic work having a multi layered surface consisting of high standard pigmented Acrylic Paints, Resin has been used on parts of this painting to add visual interest.
Work is original and signed by the artist.
As the canvas is back stapled to the frame, there are no staples showing on edges which are also painted as an extension of the front image.
This Stretched Canvas Art has been designed on top quality environmentally friendly unbleached cotton duck canvas stretched on a solid heavy wooden frame with kiln dried stretcher bars to reduce warping. Triple primed with acid-free quality universal primer. 
As with all photos, capturing the true beauty of the work is not possible contrasting being viewed in real person.
Work is original and signed by the artist.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37589-0156-01
COPYRIGHT © Treena Seymour
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Artist: Treena Seymour


"An everchanging palette of colour infussed with energy and movement through paint and texture"

"Discovering a passion for art at a young age was the beginning of a long creative journey. After Secondary College, I completed a two year Fine Art and Design Course at TAFE. Struggling with funds saw me look for full time employment. With the skills I had learnt and my willingness to learn, I secured full time work in an Art Department at a large Offset Printing Firm. I continued my full time work in this field for many years. In my spare time I dabbled in my true love of drawing and painting; commission pieces and my own fave subjects which I was lucky to sell.

Last year was a big move from full time Graphic Designer to full time Artist. Having my own Home Studio allows me to concentrate on my true passion now.

Searching original techiques with different angles is nothing new for me. Finding ways to put my work "out there" is a constant challenge and one I love.

Not being content with the traditional approach alone, I find myself searching ways to tweak it a little, to "think outside the square" adding extra visual enticement. Exploring new concepts, ideas, having a keen imagination for creating new scenarios using other mediums, materials and texture is also fun and lets face it, this is why I paint.......I love the creative journey.

Like a lot of things around us which evolve, so does the world of art. I am not trying to create a new "movement" in teh cycle, merely move with my own artistic ideas and creative ability to keep in line with todays tgrends.

My paintings are a reflection on how I see our beautiful world and all it envelopes. My passion for life and its beauty is portrayed in every piece of my work. Art gives me the license to freely express myself, a way to share my individuality and how I see the world, one which I hope you will enjoy as you browse through my works".

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